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I Ventures Yacht Charter

43 foot “Tiara Yacht” 

Palomino & Icacos Island

I VENTURES provides the best Puerto Rico Yacht Charter Experience with all inclusive packages alternatives and with ground transportation included from San Juan.


Departure from the most Luxurious Marina in Puerto Rico, Marina Puerto del Rey, Fajardo.

What You Get: 

  • Full Size Bathroom

  • Full Size Restroom

  • Air Conditioning

  • Music

  • Meal

  • 10 foot Dinghy

Duration: 9am - 4pm (8 hrs.)

Capacity: 8 Passengers

All Inclusive,  All the Way!



Pick two from each group of our high quality food offerings:

Fruits: Seedless grapes, Strawberries, Bananas, Pineapple, Black berries, Raspberries, Mandarins. 

Dips - With gourmet Chips: Hummus, Guacamole, Lobster, bean, Cheese, Spicy Crab, Chicken.

Cold cuts: Aged cheese, Fine aged ham assorted, Carrots & celery, Smoked salmon with capers.
Proteins: Baby back ribs, Shrimp cocktails, Rotisserie chicken, Angus burgers with fresh salad, Turkey & chicken wrap.
Drinks: Soft drink assortment, Local beer.
Destinations: 2 Beach Hopping, Palominos & Icacos Island.
We can either stay at one for the whole tour or we can do 3 hours at each. It’s your choice, once you see it you’ll let us know. They are all stunningly beautiful.

With Ground Transportation from San Juan:


Departure from San Juan @ 7:30am

Standard Package:


Both packages are All Inclusive!

Dinghy Included Yacht

10 foot Dinghy Included

Gallery of 43' Tiara Yacht Experience


Palomino Boat or Yacht Experience

Luxury Yacht Experience Puerto Ricoo

Yacht Charter

Experience pure relaxation aboard an exclusive Yacht. 

All Inclusive Packages available with ground transportation from San Juan.


Yacht options from 43' to 82'.




Boat Charter

Boat Charter Day Trips on the best spots of Puerto Rico.


Experience Superior Service with our Boat Charter alternatives.



About Palomino

Palomino Island, or Isla Palomino as its known to the locals, is a small island of the eastern shore of

Puerto Rico. It is located approximately 3 miles off the coast of the mainland Puerto Rico, Fajardo. 


Palomino provides plenty of beach for relaxing and soaking in the sun. . This makes it an excellent area to snorkel, dive, or spearfish.  Palomino island is known for fun, fun, fun. It is full of young spirits and party animals.


Choose from joining the crowd to admiring how islanders party from distance to maintain your privacy. 


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