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Private Charter Flights
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Private Air Charters to Caribbean Islands

Charter Flights


I VENTURES specializes in private air charters to the Caribbean islands, exclusively from San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Antigua, keeping a constant focus on Safety, Comfort, and Convenience for travelers heading to Paradise for their Caribbean visit or vacations. 


We work with a Network of partners, allowing you to truly be able to go anywhere within the Caribbean at any time. Get the best deals with the VIP service you deserve.

At San Juan (SJU) airport for all flights we  provide

“VIP meet and greet” for smooth and stress-free transfers between flights and  exclusive transportation for any of your needs.

Top Destinations: Vieques, Culebra, St. Thomas, BVI, and more.


I VENTURES is a proud member of the NBAA

Experienced Pilots in Every Flight



The safety of our customers is our number one priority.

I VENTURES is committed to the highest levels of Industry Safety Standards and has a comprehensive Safety Policy, with you the customer in mind. Our Operations team is made up of highly trained and experienced aviation professionals.

All our operators are Certified Part 135 (or local equivalent) Charter Operators, required to adhere to Safety Requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration or their respective Civil Aviation Authorities. 


Privacy & VIP Service

Why Charter? 


  • Travel in your own terms.

  • Be in control of your travel and schedule.

  • Affordable when traveling in small group sharing the cost (vs Commercial)

  • Safe, convenient, reliable, on time!

  • Avoid the hassles, lost luggage, abysmal service and countless irritating and frustrating hidden fees of the airlines.

  • Travel at you convenience, in comfort,  relax and  a stress free  environment.

  • Expedite airport transfers and use our VIP services.

  • Special request.

  • Pets Welcome Aboard






St. Kitts

La Romana

Punta Cana





Virgin Gorda

St. Barths


St. Croix

Visiting BVI?

The close proximity of many of the islands makes it easy for visitors to hop on a ferry and take a day trip to a completely different landscape, culture, and country. Our private air charters give you the opportunity to experience a variety of islands in one vacation!

When it comes to transportation, you have a few options in the Virgin Islands: boat charter, ferry, or fly. Ferry is typically the cheapest option and sometimes the most convenient as well.

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