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St. Barths

Saint Barthélemy is one of the Northern Islands in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Located at 18° North and 63° West in the extreme northeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea, Saint Barts is 6,500 kilometers (4,200 miles) from Paris, 2,500 kilometers (1,700 miles) from New York, 180 kilometers (112 miles) from Puerto Rico, and 24 kilometers (14 miles) to the southeast of Saint Martin.

As soon as you land at Gustave III Airport, you’ll find yourself transported into a dreamland, a far-away place without the constraints of everyday life. Excellence, luxury, serenity…the perfect adjectives to describe this unusual island! Nothing is lacking: the picture of perfection, St. Barts appeals to an upscale clientele seeking a garden of earthly delights.

Luxury villas and hotels

St Barts has it all to attract and satisfy its guests. The hotels on the island are small enough to assure tranquility and discretion for an upscale clientele. In contrast to most of the other tourist destinations in the Caribbean, St Barts has a very active villa rental market.

What to do on the island of St. barthélemy?

Relaxation of the fabulous beaches is a principal activity in Saint Barts. With average temperatures of 80°F, with peaks at 95°F and rarely less than 68°F, the island is the perfect sun-filled destination, especially during the cold winter months in the US or Europe. Superb beaches call for lazy days in the shade of the coconut palms.

Those who want to be more active can find plenty to do as well. The warm waters call for diving, deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, surfing, sailing or motorboat excursions, jet skis, kite surf…

St Barts is also known for its fine dining. The diversity of its restaurants allows you to try a large variety of culinary styles, from traditional French to a more West Indian flavor.

St Barts is also a paradise for luxury goods in a multitude of small boutiques. Many major brands are represented.

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