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Historic sites, tasty cuisine and a lively cultural scene can all be found on Antigua. But most often it's the beauty and versatility of the island's 365 beaches that draw travelers from afar. Do you like to party in the sand? Are you looking for safe, shallow waters where your kids can play? Would you be interested in exploring the ocean deep? Antigua's got you covered with one beach for every day of the year.

Save your breaks from the sand and sun for the go-to sites of Antigua; its sleepy sister island, Barbuda, has a more relaxed, less touristy feel. If you do venture to Antigua's attractions, you'll find that the panoramic view from Shirley Heights or the fascinating history of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine are largely overlooked by the sun worshippers who have set up camp along the shores. That will just make your sightseeing trips all the more pleasant — you'll have fewer people to wrestle with as you uncover some of this island's hidden charm.

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