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Culebra Island Day Trips 
Experiences from San Juan & Ceiba. Get There Easily

The Most Exclusive Way to Experience

Culebra Island

Aquafari Tour

Experience Different

The only way to truly experience Culebra Island

is to Island Hop by Plane. We proudly offer one of the only Culebra day trip flights with countless unique and exclusive package options available to help make your experience unforgettable. Each day trip package has a unique itinerary that allows you to choose the adventure that best fits what you’re looking for. Our day trip flight is the perfect way to start an adventure-filled day in Culebra, Puerto Rico.


For those who are looking for an exciting, safe, and fun San Juan to Culebra day trip, we have the perfect exclusive solution. Your day trip will include a unique itinerary that starts with transportation from your hotel, an amazing flight, and transfers to beautiful beaches in Culebra. There are many different activities on the island that are available, including snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, visiting local restaurants to taste Puerto Rican food, and many other things to do. There is never a dull moment, especially when taking in the scenic views of the picture-perfect island.

 Unique Island Hopping Experiences from San Juan & Ceiba

Most Popular!

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Private Charter
Flight Day Trip

Travel Like A VIP.

Exclusive Private Charter Flight

Day Trip to Culebra.



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Yacht & Boat Charters

Visit the Most Amazing Spots in Icacos, Culebra Island, Culebrita and more.

Private Charter Available.




Snorkeling at 

Tamarindo Beach

For Guest Already in Culebra.

Snorkeling Experience at Tamarindo Beach.


This is not a Guided Tour.


*$50 pp.

Coming Soon

About Culebra

Culebra Island, 15 miles east from Fajardo, is  7 miles long and surrounded by two dozen cays and islets. It's populated by some 3,000 gentle and friendly souls. Here you'll find no nightclubs, no malls. Instead, you have nature - dozens of secluded beaches, miles of coral reefs, birds and sea turtles.

Getting to Culebra is part of the adventure. I VENTURES provides the Easiest & Most Exclusive Way to Experience Culebra Island in a Day.

Hop in a plane with us and Enjoy Culebra Island like never before.

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San Juan








Get There Easily

We offer unique Island-Hopping experiences direct from San Juan & Ceiba

Local & Caribbean Travel Experts

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