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Culebrita Boat Day Trip Packages

Experience Culebrita Island


This tiny cay — located off the north-east corner of Culebra — is uninhabited, visited only by a few people every day, and holds many wonderful “secrets” waiting to be explored. You can only get there by boat, but it is totally worth the effort in order to experience this unspoiled island.


Culebrita boasts beautiful white sand beaches, clear water with great underwater visibility for snorkeling, a wild turtle population that frequents the area (and are often seen), some amazing “baths” (rock formations that slow the large northern waves and form a Jacuzzi-like experience), ruins of an old lighthouse, and some walking trails that will get you across and up to the top of the cay. The island is a wildlife refuge, so you’ll see birds and some other animals.

I VENTURES provide Flight + Boat Ride Day Trips from San Juan & Ceiba Airport.

Choose the Culebra Flight  Package that better fits your needs

Submitting the booking request form on the website does not confirm your booking.  

We encourage customers to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Last minute booking request can be hard to fulfil.

Flight + Boat Ride 

Day Trip

Experience World Famous

Flamenco Beach & Culebrita Island

  • Flight Round Trip

  • Transfer from Hotel to San Juan Airport

  • Transfer to Flamenco Beach

  • Boat Ride to Culebrita

  • Transfer to Local Restaurant

  • Chairs & Umbrellas

  • Snorkeling Gear

  • Transfer to Culebra Airport

  • Transfer from San Juan Airport to Hotel

From Ceiba: $220 pp.

*Ground Transportation to Ceiba NOT Included

From San Juan:  $320 pp.

*Ground Transportation in San Juan Included

Boat Charter Culebra.jpg

NO Transportation Included from San Juan to Ceiba

2 Pax. | $300 pp.

3 Pax. | $250 pp.

4 Pax. | $300 pp.

5 Pax. | $260 pp.

6 Pax. | $240 pp.

With Transportation from

San Juan to Ceiba

2 Pax. | $400 pp.

3 Pax. | $320 pp.

4 Pax. | $350 pp.

5 Pax. | $300 pp.

6 Pax. | $275 pp.

From Ceiba

(Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport)

Price depends on Aircraft availability

and # of passengers on Trip

Ground Transportation Included

2 Pax. | $620 pp.

3 Pax. | $445 pp.

4 Pax. | $480 pp.

5 Pax. | $410 pp.

6 Pax. | $360 pp.

Check-in 5o mins. prior to departure time

From San Juan

Isla Grande

(Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport)

Price depends on Aircraft availability

and # of passengers on Trip

Flamenco Beach, Culebra

Day Trip Details


Departures from Ceiba Airport do NOT includes ground transportation from San Juan.

Flight Departures: 7am, 7:30am, 8:30am & 8:45am

Arrive at Culebra: 7:30am, 8:00am, 9am, 9:15am


Returning Flights: 3:10pm, 5pm, 6pm

Arrive at Hotel (San Juan): 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM 

Total Length of Experience: 9 Hours


Transfer Time to Site: 10-15 Minutes to Airport,

25-30 minutes Flight  to Culebra Island. 12 minutes from Ceiba.

Maximum Capacity: 9 Passengers 

Most Bring: Valid ID, Cash, Snacks, Cooler,

Credit Card, Swimwear, Water Shoes,

Sun Block/Sunscreen.

Day Trips Packages Depend on Availability

Special Request Packages Available

Day Trip Itinerary / GOLD

We can't guarantee all stops on the tour itinerary due to weather & sea conditions.


1. Hotel Pick-up

Note: Pick-up starts 60-70 minute(s) before departure.

Passengers should be at Hotel Lobby or meeting point on time, late pick-up may affect check-in procedures.

Late check-in or failure to aboard the aircraft will result with NO Refund.

2. Flight to Culebra Island

  •  I VENTURES agent will escort passengers to check-in procedures

  • All Passengers most bring valid ID for check-in procedures.

  • Check-in must be 45 minutes prior to departure time.

  • Passengers could bring up to 30 pounds of luggage.

3. Transfer to Flamenco Beach

  • Driver will meet you at Culebra Airport

  • Driver will set up pick-up times, passengers must be on time for all pick-up times discussed with driver.

4. Experience Flamenco Beach

  • Chairs & Umbrellas provided by I VENTURES

  • Pick your spot and enjoy of 3-4 hrs of Flamenco Beach

5. Transfer to Local Restaurant in Culebra Island

You could stop for lunch to taste awsome puertorrican food or have some beers & cocktails.

Choose from: Mamacita’s Restaurant, Dinghy Dock & La Pista .

6. Transfer to Tamrindo Beach

After finishing lunch, driver will pick-you up to take you to Tamarindo Beach for Snorkieling.

7. Experience Tamarindo Beach

  • Snorkeling gear provided by I VENTURES.

  • This is NOT a Guided tours, snorkeling adventure is by yourself.

  • Enjoy 2 hrs approximately of snorkeling.

8. Transfer to Culebra Airport


Driver will pick-you up at Tamarindo Beach to take you to Culebra Airport for Flight back to San Juan.


9. Flight to San Juan, Isla Grande Airport

  • All Passengers most bring valid ID for check-in procedures. 

  • Check-in must be 45 minutes prior to departure time. 

  • Passengers could bring up to 30 pounds of luggage.  

10. Transfer to Hotel

I VENTURES agent will be waiting for you at San Juan, Isla Grande airport to take you back to your Hotel.




           Download Day Trip Itinerary & Details

Airports Locations

 SAN JUAN Airports

CEIBA Airport

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